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2018 is off to a good start. As of this update we are back on trip with the holiday time period shipping. Deliveries are back on track but still arriving late in the morning which drives shipments to you and extra half a day. This delay is beyond our control!

This weekend the World's Greatest Hobby Show will be in Charlotte. I will be attending the show in morning and early afternoon on Saturday only. BRH will not have a table this year but I will be walking around the show wearing my Blue Ridge Hobbies navy blue shirt with the BRH logo on the back. If you see me, please say hello!

Now for the updates for BRH during 2018.

Shipping rates are going up during the third week of January 2018 per announcements from the USPS and Fedex. As always, shipping is a pass through cost item as we are the only online hobby store that charges you actual shipping and does price comparisons on the shipping to ensure you get the lowest cost shipping on you r order.

Price increases are expected across the board from all manufacturers in April 2018. This occurs every year so, like shipping rate, this is no surprise. Get you orders in ASAP to avoid any of these price increase.

Product availability is still a big issue. Currently we are down about 5,000 products that we can sell you on a daily basis from just 45 days ago. That has an deep effect on the product we have to sell to you and our bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line, the accounting department is pressing for me to raise prices across the board. As of this email, we will not be doing that but the pressure is mounting! So the only way to keep prices down is to have more purchases from the online side of the business. Internet sales represent 98% of our sales. The retail store only produces about 2% of total income but takes up to 40% of my time. This has been the same sales split since we started BRH almost 13 years ago. So, the lack of retail store hours does not really effect our sales per say. A lot of our local customers over the years now just order online and pick up at the store. So again we need to the internet sales to double, but product availability plays a lot into this. Time will tell! 

Two weeks ago I was supposed to do inventory at the store but that did not occur. Unfortunately the day before I had to euthanize one of 2 remaining dogs who was fighting bone cancer for a year. It was a hard Christmas and New Years for me, so I did not get the inventory. My wife and I had 4 dogs at one point and we have lost 3 of them to cancer. Our last dog is Colorado, sister to Dakota who just passed two weeks ago. Colorado was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2016 and is a trooper! She is having trouble with hear sight and hearing along with the cancer but is in good spirits considering. She is hanging in there but we do not think she will be with us much longer.

So, I am planning on doing inventory at the store staring Friday January 19. This should take a couple of days.

Watch the holiday schedule for more info on that.

As a one man operation with the help on John for a couple of hours on Wednesdays, I do my best to get your online orders processed in a timely manner outside of the holidays. However, this past holiday season was a great challenge for me as the only person at the retail store, on the phone and answering emails. We get many, many questions about the hobby and we want to help, but a lot of the people who inquire never purchase a thing from BRH for one reason or another. In fact recently I helped dig out a part number for an old LGB transformer for them, which took about 5 minutes of my very valuable time the week before Christmas, to replace there non functional transformer at a good BRH price. There was only one available at the warehouse. This customer called his wife and she advised him that they will buy something via E-Bay! This happens a lot. One of the reasons we do not stock a lot in the store in the hope you may by it! I have thousands of dollar worth of that type of merchandise throughout our store the no one wants to buy! So, we have a new policy for the lookie lou's that are out there.

This will not effect 99% of our customers, but any new, walking customer,
call or email customer that we do not know will be effected by this new policy.

Effective 12/26/17:

Blue Ridge Hobbies strives to offer excellent customer service. But, unfortunately potential customers have been taking advantage of helpful and friendly service. Some questions asked of our staff are very easy and quick to answer, but as we continue to strive to offer helpful information to our phone, email and in store customers, We have found that customers basically are wanting us to do research for them so that they can purchase somewhere else. Unfortunately we have had many customers in store, via phone and via email take advantage of our good nature in trying to help the model railroading community. We can no longer afford to take this time to offer 'free' research and advice.

Since Blue Ridge Hobbies is an internet business with 98% of its sales coming from online orders, taking time to answer questions has been taking its toll on processing orders for our 'paying' customers. We can no longer offer 'free' advice or spend long periods of time with non  revenue generating customers.

Need help with your model railroading? We will answer quick and easy questions as time allows. More involved questions will require a fee to answer and may require calls to the manufacturers of technical support if we do not know the answer.

We have found that most questions posed to us have the answer readily available if the customer would just take the time to do some research on their own. We can no longer do this for free. Either the customer should buy a product
(minimum order fee may apply see store policy page for more information).

As of 12/26/17 help with diagnosing model railroad problems with product including but not limited to locomotive, rolling stock, power supply or other model railroading equipment questions will have a minimum $5.00 cash or $6.00 credit card fee charged in advance of the advice.

All other help will be charged at $25.00 per 15 minute block of time, paid up front.

If you purchase product from us then we will credit any question/help fees to your order for same day questions and purchases.

Small online orders also have been a problem. While we want to process all orders, small orders take a lot of effort for little return. We want to service all of our customers but we do have cost's that occur with each of your orders.

The biggest draw on any profit for a small order is the credit card fees. With each order the credit card companies charge a transaction fee per order plus they get a percentage of each sale. So over the years we have had to implement fees. Up until 12/26/17 we had a $3.00 fee for any order under $25.00. As of the day after Christmas we have had to increase the threshold to $50.00. So orders  from $0 to $49.99 will have the $3.00 fee. Please keep this in mind when you order.

Also, Minimum Order Quantity has become an issue again. Each products description has a minimum order quantity noted. This means that the wholesaler or manufacturer require us to purchase a minimum quantity and will not "break the case". So, if a product requires a minimum of 12 to be ordered and you order two, we will change the order to 12 per the minimum order requirements. No exceptions. The reason, stop be he retail store sometime to see some of the "case breaks" we did for customers of the old 5,000sf retail store which closed in 2012. We still have this product in inventory!

So, I want all to continue to order your detail parts and paints, but keep in mind the quantities needed to avoid the fee's.

Also, keep in mind what you order. For example just this week we had yet another customer order a Micro Engineering 6 pack of track and a Walthers building. Unfortunately, a order like this has to ship in two separate boxes requiring two separate shipping charges since we do not have a 38" long box that is wide or tall enough to ship the building!

I will do our best to package as efficiently and most cost effectively as I can for you all to keep your shipping costs down. We will ship first class when we can to save you all money! Remember shipping costs are a pass through cost for us. We do not mark up shipping.

Most orders ship via USPS using postal supplies which helps our bottom line. But first class items in padded envelopes cost additional money.
We recycle as much in bound packaging the John and I can get. From newspaper, to packing peanuts to air bags. So, outside of the normal brown boxes we get from the manufacturers and wholesalers, you my see us recycle boxes from Chewy.com, Amazon, Big Island Hawaiian Cookies, Christmas Lights and many others. By doing this this keeps the products you purchase at the lowest prices available.





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