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Model Railroading is a great hobby. However over the last four years now going on five years, there has been a lot of turmoil within the hobby. Some manufacturers can not seem to turn the corner and catch up on the huge back log of products that where once available all the time.

When we started Blue Ridge Hobbies back in 2005 we offered about 134,000 items in our database of which about 90,000 or so where available for sale.
That is no longer the case.

Effective 04/01/15 -
Blue Ridge Hobbies will no longer list in the product database
 items that are listed as the following:

Unknown Availability Date
Special Order
To Be Announced (TBA)
Advance Reservation
Sold Out

The reason for this drastic move is the fact that, after five years, the manufacturers of model railroad items still have not resolved much of  the product back order issues. This all is directly  related to two factory closings in China back in 2011 and 2012. We have discussed this situation in emails and phone calls with customers in the past. After five years we do not see any real big changes by the manufacturers to resolve the back log of products not available.

Effective today, we will only offer the products that are available to ship to you today once they are received from our wholesalers.

Up until 03/31/15 our database reflected about 135,000 items of which 95,000 have been not available. We have removed them from our database because of the problems relating to the shortages and the type of customer service we are proud to offer that we currently can not  offer.

The issue at hand is that the back log of products that are not available is unmanageable and has been for sometime.  Some of our customers do not understand why this is and are blaming Blue Ridge Hobbies for the shortages and back orders which is as far from the truth as it can get. We can only sell what we receive from the manufacturers and wholesalers.

It is very frustrating when you can not get the products we need to help you to complete a task on your model railroad. I feel your pain having to wait years for track, locomotives etc. to come in.

Recently, customers have complained  to the Better Business Bureau about Blue Ridge Hobbies and requested refunds from their credit card companies for orders that we have been holding for them, per their request, due to a back log of items orders that are still due to them. In most cases these back ordered, advance reservations, special orders and TBA items go back as far as five years or more! Prices have increased in general within the hobby over the last five years and the manufacturers are not honoring the original prices at the time of order.  This is causing problems with our customer base and is not our fault!

Another issue is that customers have not been keeping their credit card information up to date with us for these back ordered, advance reservations, special orders and TBA items. In some cases the customers have passed away, their contact information is no longer valid or they just out right do not return calls or emails.

What happens then, Blue Ridge Hobbies gets stuck with merchandise it has no use for and items the will not sell. In a lot of the cases they are not returnable to the manufacturer or wholesaler. We are currently selling off items that people do not want via our Deal of the Day list, all at cost or lower. These items still are not selling! That is over $30,000 worth of inventory!

We can no longer absorb these items into our inventory!

We want to keep prices low for all of you, but we can not do that with the current manufacturing situation. Until that changes, we are only going to list products that are available today from the wholesalers and manufacturers, so that we can fill your order completely.

Now, for those of you that have made orders with back ordered, advance reservations, special orders and TBA items prior to 6am on 04/01/15, these items are still ordered and no changes have been made in these cases. Prices are still subject to change as they always have been after 90 days per our store policy page. You still will need to keep your credit card information update to date to retain these orders

Many of you have pending orders that have not been fulfilled and are sitting in our hold bins for order completion. In some cases these orders go back as far as 2008! As time permits, older back orders will be checked first for potential completion. If the credit card is up to date and usable, all back orders in the hold bins will be sent to you. If the credit card on file will not process you will be notified via email one time that we need new credit card information to forward you your product ordered. If, after 30 days from that email you do not respond, you will lose these items and they will be donated in your name to the Miniature World of Trains which is a 501c3 Non Profit.

We can no longer continue to maintain the growing storage of product for customers in our store. If you have ordered an item for store pickup, after 7 days if it is not picked it, we will ship it to you at your cost!

Effective today we will no longer offer SHIP AS ONE order as well. Each order will be shipped the day the product arrives from the wholesalers and manufacturers.

The bottom line here is that we want to offer you the best product availability and the quickest turnaround time. This change will allow us to continue to do that.

Blue Ridge Hobbies is not going anywhere. We still plan on moving into the Miniature World of Train by this time next year. We are still here to serve you and will continue to do so the best we can as long as you the model railroad hobbyist continue  to support Blue Ridge Hobbies.

We are looking forward to your order!

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Frank Ruby
President and General Manager


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