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March Sales

It has been a bit slower this month so far but buy the end of the day on Tuesday all orders and back orders that have been received will be sent out to everyone!

Changes To Retail Store Schedule

With the every increasing retail store traffic from new customers and customers picking up orders, Fedex Freight deliveries coming in later  each day, a new route driver starting next week for the USPS moving our delivery and pick  up time from 10:30 each to to noon to 1pm, which gives us more time to process your orders for shipping each day, we are going to make some adjustments to the retail store operating hours.

Starting on Tuesday  03/27/18 the retail store will be closed.


Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10a - 2p
Thursday 10a - 2p
Friday 10a - 2p
Saturday CLOSED

However, except for Sundays, I am at the retail store everyday shipping orders, I have to have dedicated and uninterrupted time to process your online orders! This new schedule will allow me to do that.  If you want to pick up your order on "CLOSED" days, please call ahead to make arrangements.

As we approach the Fall and the holiday season we will be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays again with longer hours.

Please keep in mind my day starts at 5am processing the over night orders to be transmitted to the warehouse and/or manufacturers for delivery to us, updating the website database from 6am to 7am, then I make the trek from my home office to the retail store.

Some of this schedule in the early morning may change with the new search engine and shopping cart coming soon!
This will be completely new and customized for BRH and should be faster and easier to find and order product!

A BETA Test of this will begin shortly and we will ask Track Crew Members to help test the new systems!  We will let you know when this will occur!

March New Product Announcements: Order Now and Save!

Get in your March preorders now! New HO products include WalthersMainline(R) EMD F7 in five new road names, a newly tooled 
60' High Cube Plate F Boxcar and new road names for the International Bay Window Caboose. A newly tooled Cornerstone(R) 
HO kit is also a model you can easily sell in multiples - the Company House 2-Pack. 

Pre Order Due Dates

March 25: Rapido Preorders
March 29: Trainworx Preorders
March 30: Bowser Preorders
March 31: Walthers Preorders
April 13: Bowser Preorders
April 18: Atlas Preorders

All-New Walthers Layout Control System Components Now In Stock

If you have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Walthers Layout Control System Switch Machine and accessories we have some in stock at the retail store. This is a fast, fun and affordable way to customize easy turnout operation on new or existing layouts running DCC or DC power, in HO, N, Z, S and O Scales! The Walthers Layout Control System is in stock now 
and selling fast. Capture your share of the sales now!

New Schemes for Walthers SceneMaster HO 53' Singamas Containers are Here!

Modelers in the modern era will like these new container arrivals! Seen in domestic service all across North 
America, these HO Scale SceneMaster(TM) models are faithful replicas of the Singamas 53' Containers serving all types of 
contemporary shippers. They go great withWalthersMainline and WalthersProto(R) intermodal well cars and 
other intermodal cars. Don't miss out  - order now!


Credit Card Fraud Alert

Hobby shops, like other retailers, are occasionally affected by credit card fraud. There are currently several scams affecting 
hobby stores. Please be aware of any unusual ordering activity and contact the proper authorities if you observe suspicious activity. 


As we have been discussing in the last couple of updates, we do not sit still for any credit card fraud or credit card fraud attempts.
Currently we in the processes of legally pressuring at fraudulent transaction from January 2018 for $32.40 and another one that happened just today for $266.66.  Since these transactions happen via the internet and across state lines they constitute  theft via credit card and are considered wire fraud as well. In the case of the $32.40, USPS mail fraud as well. These frauds have been reported to our local authorities IE the Greenville County Sheriff who has contacted the Upper Darby PA local police to help resolve this matter. It has also been reported to the FBI and the Secret Service credit card fraud divisions. The $266.66 has until Monday to return the money to BRH before he suffers the same fate.

We are very very serious when it comes to credit card fraud and no matter what the dollar amount is, we pursue the perpetrator of the fraud, and yes, theft from BRH. 

For example, what seems to be a small amount of money like $10.00, take about $200.00 in new retail sales to cover this theft.
Until now, we have been able to keep prices down, but if the trend continues, we will need to review  our pricing and policies yet again! These situations are no different then shoplifting direct from the retail store!

Grandt Line

We are not one to spread rumors, but we heard a big one today from a reliable source.

Grand Line manufacturer id 300- may be closing soon!

So, if you need detail parts, best to order them now while they are still available!

New Atlas HO and N Scale Products Now Shipping

Exciting new Atlas HO and N Scale models are headed your way! 

Notable arrivals include HO AEM-7/ALP-44 electrics, N Scale GE Dash 8-40B/BWs, GP7/9 and SD7/9 diesels and many new freight 
cars. Many models are already in short supply, but a few remain, so order now for best selection! So of the items arriving are advance and back order reservations from 4 years ago!

A Handful Left: Broadway Limited HO EMD SW1500s 

Equipped with Paragon3 sound and DCC these 1960s and later switchers are popular. The Paragon3 sound system 
works with all Broadway Limited Rolling Thunder(TM) advanced sound systems. Other features of this diesel locomotive include a 
heavy die cast chassis, smooth-running flywheel-equipped drive, directional headlights and magnetic knuckle couplers. Several 
road names and road numbers are already sold out, so order now and don't miss out!

Rapido Trains Announces Additions to HO GE B36-7 Diesel Road Names

Last week Rapido announced its first US-only diesel, the GE B36-7. Road names to be offered include ATSF, CR, CSX, Seaboard 
System, SP, SOU and NS as well as on connecting lines. In the last few days Rapido added another road name: Transkentucky 
Transportation as well as an undecorated BC Rail version of the locomotive. The new super detailed Rapido model captures all the 
detailing of the prototype and now comes in six road name-appropriate body styles.



Yesterday we received an email from our main wholesaler, Walthers, regarding their inventory. It said: "
The inventory will be done in about 5-6 weeks (by  04/13/18).  It is only done on Thursday’s and Friday’s, and has been done this way for 12 years." 

 Based on information we have received it seems that within their warehouse they block off a section to do their counts. During this process, they do not pull items from anyone's orders from that section. Thus items we show and Walthers shows in stock are not shipped due to the inventory section they are working on. Unfortunately, we do  not know what these items may be until later that day. Then we have to reorder those items for the next order day.

So, items we order on Thursday where being reordered Friday. Then it seems the same thing would happen again on the Friday order pushing the Thursday and Friday items to be reordered on Monday. Despite what Walthers has stated, in our 13 years of business this has never been an issue. This year for some reason it has.

So, this in combination with the weather related delays has been pushing  some orders from our normal 2 to 3 business day shipping window to 7 to 10 days. There have been days recently we have started our shipping day at 6am during the week. Worked on Saturdays and other 'retail store / shipping department ' days off to catch up.  Also, we have been going to the Fedex Terminal each day to pick up the shipments at 8am to get ahead of the curve by 2  to 3 hours since there have been delays in the Fedex System.

For example, last Wednesdays order normally would be received Friday morning but was not received until 4:30pm and we went to Fedex to pick that up!
The Friday order normally is here Monday morning but for some until reason was held up in Charlotte for 2 days! We received that around 8am  Tuesday, a full day late.

As of this update, Monday's order has left Charlotte at 4:47am and should arrive at the Greenville Fedex Terminal around 7am. Hopefully they will have this truck unloaded, sorted and loaded on the Fedex Freight truck for delivery to us for today. As we have been doing for quite sometime now, we wil be meeting the Fedex Truck just outside their terminal to get this large order ahead of the normal route schedule.

With that said, buy the end of the day today, we should be back on track for our normal 2 to 3 business day shipping to our customers.



Winter Storms
Last updated: March 13, 2018

FedEx is closely monitoring the winter storms across the Northeastern region of the U.S. Contingency plans are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our team members and to minimize the effects of these storms on service. These storms often cause pickup and delivery delays and disruptions for FedEx customers. FedEx will be prepared to provide service to the best of our ability in areas affected by the storm and as local conditions allow.

Please continue to check FedEx Service Alerts for updates

What's Wrong With Our Hobby

What is wrong is that there just is not enough product available to sell and the manufacturers do not seem to care!

Two very recent cases in point.

We have a customer that is looking to complete a bridge and is in need of parts. Our main wholesaler does not have what is needed so we tried to contact the manufacturer Grand Central Gems. We have called and emailed several time now over the last couple of weeks with no response. Another manufacturer that does not return calls or emails is MTH-Railking. Why not? 

Over the last three months we have seen product availability begin to dwindle with the loss of over 3,000 products our wholesaler has dropped!

The other problem is advance reservations. The biggest offenders of announcing items and not producing them or taking a very very long time to finally get them to our customers are MTH-Railking, Atlas, Rapido, Broadway-Limited and Lionel. We are still awaiting delivery of 2017 Christmas products from Lionel for example!

Just the last week we finally received a locomotive that a customer ordered over 4 years ago! Entirely too long!

And now the manufacturers and wholesalers are keeping very low inventories on the basics of the hobby! We can all wait for a piece of rolling stock or a building, but waiting for track and even a rail joiner for a very long period of time is totally unacceptable.
Plus the situation with inventory at Walthers last week without notification that there might be issues with sending us your product ordered is not acceptable! 

Part of the problem as we see it is all the products that are made outside the USA! I have been saying this for over 13 years now. Bring the production of our hobby back to the USA where the manufacturers can have some 'local' control over production.

At BRH we depend on our vendors and shippers to deliver us excellent customer service. This is currently happening sporadically at best! Without their attention to detail we then have issues getting you the excellent customer service and low pricing you deserve and expect from BRH.




It seems that over night and this morning the search engine and shopping cart where not functioning correctly: Looks like the windows update process went awry and was using all the cpu (our server) resources- we've rebooted the server to clear and reset all memory and process - seems to be running great from our testing, let us know if you are still having problems.

email us at: contactus@blueridgehobbies.com


As of this update it seems Walthers our main wholesaler is done with their inventory so there should be no more issues with items missing from orders that where actually in stock. This occurred late last week into Monday and Tuesday of this week. So if your orders prior to 6am on Wednesday have not been filled this was the issues. We resent orders for the in stock missing items with the normal Wednesday or in addition to all online orders placed from Monday 03/05 6am until 03/07 6am.

The order did ship from Walthers pure the normal schedule but the packages did not make it the Fedex Terminal here in Greenville for delivery today. They boxes are here in Greenville but arrived to late to be loaded on a delivery truck for today. I am trying to make arrangements to pick  these boxes up at the Fedex Terminal on Monday Morning.

This seems to be a weather delay again do to the snow and rain in the upper midwest again over the last couple of days.

So unfortunately yet another situation that we have no control over again effecting our customer service to you. At this point we are now 1 day behind in processing


March 13: Atlas Preorders
March 25: Rapido Preorders
March 29: Trainworx Preorders
March 30: Bowser Preorders
March 31: Walthers Preorders

WalthersMainline HO 50' ACF Exterior-
Post Boxcars are Here!

Colorful new schemes and road numbers for the popular
WalthersMainline HO 50' ACF Exterior-Post Boxcars are now in
stock at the warehouse. Based on the popular boxcars introduced in the mid 1970s
to help alleviate a boxcar shortage, these models have been
workhorses into the present. Loaded with all the features that
make WalthersMainline cars including detailed bodies and metal
wheels, modelers can't get enough of these cars - some 
are already sold out! Get them rolling on your  layouts now!

New JL Innovative Design HO Castings Make Scenery Detailing Easy

The latest arrivals from JL Innovative make detailing scenes fast
and fun. Each of the four new detail sets has a theme and
includes all of the unpainted metal castings necessary for
you to add realism to your layout scenes.  Order Today!

Kato N Scale Alco PA-1s with DCC Now Shipping

If you have Rio Grande on your railroad the popular
Kato California Zephyr passenger train sets have a new Alco PA-1s. Dressed in the beautiful 4-stripe Aspen
Gold and silver scheme, these classic diesels are fan favorites. Now available with factory-installed DCC (decoders by
TCS), they're perfect for powering passenger runs. They're selling fast, so order now!

Rapido Trains Announces HO GE B36-7 Diesel - Preorder Now!

Rapido has announced its first US-only diesel, the GE B36-7.
Replacing the "Universal Series" U36B in the GE catalog, the
first prototypes were built in 1980 for SP subsidiary Cotton
Belt. By 1985 some 222 locomotives had been constructed for US
railroads. Generally used for light, fast freight service like
the first double-stacks, piggyback trains and other expedited
runs, these speedsters hustled freight over ATSF, CR, CSX,
Seaboard System, SP, SOU and NS as well as on connecting lines.
The new super detailed Rapido models capture all the detailing of
the prototype and come in five road name appropriate body styles.
These are bound to be extremely popular with 1980s to 2000s
modelers, so reserve now they're expected in early 2019





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