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Advance Reservations

Currently BRH is not listing items on our product search that are advance reservations for all manufacturers except Broadway Limited and Rapido.

The reason for this is the restrictive MAP policies that some manufacturers are imposing on dealers.

However, if there is an item that you would to pre order / advance reservation or back order, then just email BRH at:


and I will get the BRH price for the advance reservation emailed back to you. If you accept the price BRH will  place the pre order / advance reservation or back order under the BRH store policies for pre order / advance reservation or back order.

Where's Your Local Hobby Shop?

Do you have a local hobby shop? Has your shop closed recently?

Maybe I have found on reason?

Recently while trolling around on Amazon I found the Bachmann page  for people to order direct from Bachmann via Amazon.

Listed there is the Ho Scale Echo Valley train set being for $223.43 with Prime one day free shipping!. A great price. Here is the issue. The BRH cost from or wholesalers is $229.50 from one wholesaler and $215.74. If BRH priced matched this there is only $8.00 in profit. Plus the shipping would be expensive as this set is a large package!

This is just  one example I have found. I the past I found the same type of issue with Lionel train sets being sold on Amazon and at Macy's.

Not only are the manufacturers allowing the lower price to occur, but they seem not to care and correct the pricing issues. Granted most hobby shops  can not buy in the volume  that an Amazon can buy so they get a volume discount, but it is unfair that a local shop will not get that sale. Yet, the purchaser most likely has come to the LHS for advance on that item or will come to the LHS for servicing questions since Amazon will not have the answer. The LHS will not only not et the original sale but have to act as Amazon's customer service.

This happened at BRH over and over again wasting a lot of time for BRH without any income coming in! I am sure  that other LHS's have had the same issue.

Do get me wrong, I want to help and help the hobby grow, but the LHS has bills to pay and needs income to keep operating. This type of situation does not help!

Fall Vacation

Starting on September 21st through October 5th BRH shipping will be closed for our annual Fall Vacation. This vacation is a big one this year as I will be turning 65 years old on the 20th! Medicare here I came! I had better check my zip code to see if I qualify for additional discounts!

As I do each year at t his time I again will be off to Disney World as well as Marineland (I visited there to see Flipper back in the mid 1960's). After my week at the mouse I take the Amtrak Autotrain from Orlando to DC. In Washington, DC I will be attending a wedding for a friends daughter over the weekend.

This means that BRH will still be open for online orders and the orders will be placed with wholesalers and manufacturers during this time so you can place your order as normal.

The last order BRH will place before the vacation is Thursday 09/15 at 6am to allow the order to arrive at BRH shipping  no later than Tuesday 09/20 the last day BRH will be shipping until 10/04 when I return.

Recently BRH switched back to Fedex inbound shipping and the orders the last two weeks have been trending for a 3 day ship time from warehouse to BRH. Something we have not seen in 5 years or so. This must be do the lower volume of on line sales that have been occurring as I have reported.

So, get your order in by 09/15 to your order for the last two weeks of September so I can ship to you by 09/19!

Fedex Over Charges!

A couple of weeks ago I let you know that Fedex was charging a fuel surcharge and not passing it along to the Fedex Ground franchise route owners since they actually pay the fuel cost.

Well, over the last year every now and again a add on charge show up on our Fedex statement. It is called additional handing and cost $16.00 each time this occurs.

Every time I call Fedex about this add on charge I get a different answer as to what this charge is for as there seems to be no documentation for the reason for this charge.

In review the latest Fedex statement on Thursday this charge again appeared. I called Fedex and was told that because the 38 x 3 x 3 box (a track box) fell off the conveyor belt and it cost $16.00 for them to pick it up! I advised the Fedex rep BRH would not pay for that charge. Then there the rep did not say anything else. After 2 minutes I ended the call and dialed Fedex back.

Another rep advised me that the reason for the charge was that the box was not sealed properly. This was a totally different reason and a bogus one at that. I called the customer and found that the package was not damaged!

So why is this occurring. Only Fedex knows that answer!

BRH will not be paying these fraudulent charges!

Also, on this same statement something new showed up as well. This was over and above the normal residential delivery fee. I was told that it was charged because the address was out in rural Massachusetts. In fact this address was just outside Worchester, MA and new two interstates!

We disputed the charge and the response received was that this customers zip code was some list that BRH has never heard of or seen. If this was a known situation it should be part of the pricing offered by Fedex Shipmanager. Not a fee the sneak in on a statement after BRH received pricing and BRH billed our customer based on what Shipmanager quoted BRH. What a scam!

This charge is also bogus and BRH will not pay it!

Why is it that Fedex has no customer service and tries to rip off people?

Fedex Shipping Policy Change

While this does not affect the bulk of the Fedex Ground shipping, we have had to update the Fedex Ground shipping terms and conditions

Effective 09/09/22
Due to additional costs that Fedex adds to packages shipped via Fedex Shipmanager by adding fees after the price is quoted via Shipmanager via our statement from BRH. Unfortunately  if this occurs, which is a rare occurrence, BRH will have to recoup these additional charges, that are unknown until we receive our statement from Fedex, for you, our customer. So an additional charge will occur if this situation arises. Copy our statement can be forwarded to you as proof upon your email request for this information.

BRH apologizes for this situation but it is beyond our control.

To avoid this potential situation, pick USPS only as your shipping option. However, sometimes with large packages, even with these fees  that Fedex charges after the fact, it still may be cheaper to ship via Fedex Ground than with USPS which is usually much higher than Fedex Ground.

BRH does its best to keep our prices for product low. We have no control of the cost of shipping. Shipping is a pass through cost to you, our customers.

New N Scale Boxcars Arrive from Broadway Limited The N Scale USRA 40' Steel Boxcar from Broadway Limited is based on cars developed by New York Central and adopted, with few changes, by the United States Railroad Administration as a standard design. As the second most numerous boxcar on North American rails, models of these cars are in high demand by N Scale steam and classic-diesel-era modelers. The Broadway Limited models feature road name-appropriate body and door styles; metal wheels and magnetic knuckle couplers. They'll operate smoothly on Code 55 and larger rail and will negotiate curves as sharp as 9" radius. The cars come in two and four-packs in a variety of road road names and road numbers. Some are already sold out and others are in short supply - order now for best selection!



Labor Day Weekend

As with every holiday, inbound to BRH and outbound to our customers shipments get a bit out of sync this week.

The USPS, Fedex, UPS and our wholesalers and manufacturers, as well as BRH will be closed for Labor Day. This closure will put shipping behind one to two days.

Sorry for the delay, but BRH has no control here and will process your orders within 24 hours of arrival at BRH and ship to you as soon as possible.

Inbound Shipping To BRH

Over the last couple of months inbound deliveries to BRH began arriving later and later in the day. In fact on average from 4pm to as late as 8pm each day via UPS.

Last week BRH made the decision to have most shipments from the Milwaukee warehouse shipped again via Fedex since the Fedex Ground deliveries arrive much earlier in the day.

Hopefully this will allow BRH to ship to you, our customers a bit sooner.

Fedex Holiday Season Rate Increase

As FedEx prepares for high demand during peak holiday season, we are adjusting our networks to best deliver for our customers. To continue providing you with the best possible service during this challenging time, beginning October 3, 2022 through January 15, 2023, FedEx will implement a peak rate increase. Effective October 3, 2022, the base rates will change to reflect these peak rates. The Blue Ridge Hobbies percentage off discounts that we pass along to our customers will not change and continue to apply to the peak rates.

As the surge in residential volume continues to grow, beginning January 16, 2023, FedEx will also implement a base rate increase to the FedEx pricing program that Blue Ridge Hobbies uses. Effective January 16, 2023, the base rates will increase. The percentage off discounts will not change and continue to apply to the new base rates for Blue Ridge Hobbies customers

As recently announced, shipping executed between July 25, 2022 and October 16, 2022 may qualify for a rate incentive, subject to eligibility requirements and other terms, will be passed along from Fedex to all Blue Ridge Hobbies customers that are shipped via Fedex.

Preorders / Advance Reservations

Don't forget the BRH is taking Preorders / Advance Reservations from Broadway Limited and Rapido order as these manufacturers seem to be the only manufacturers that can get products made in a timely manner.

This past Thursday we shipped a large amount for Rapido items that arrived from Rapido in Canada!

BRH Is Not The Only One That Has Slow Sales

From Fox Business:

Amazon to close, scrap plans for dozens of warehouses amid slowing sales growth: report
Amazon posted its slowest sales growth rate in two decades earlier this year.

The consulting firm MWPVL says that the online retail giant is either closing or abandoning plans to open 42 facilities across the country totaling almost 25 million square feet of usable space, Bloomberg reported.

The firm says that Amazon has also delayed opening 21 other locations and canceled several European projects, mostly in Spain.


So not only is BRH a bit slow. but the biggest online retailer is slow as well.


Rapido Advance Reservations

A large amount of Rapido advance reservation are on the way from Canada. Hopefully they will arrive this week! Once they arrive , it will take a bit of time to sort it all and get them shipped out to those of you that have waiting a long time!

Broadway Limited and Rapido Advance Reservations

Don't for that Broadway Limited and Rapido Advance right now are the only manufacturers we are taking advance reservations for. So go ahead and get your order placed as soon as possible.

Fedex Shipmanager Update

As of this update we still not heard back from Fedex upper management or the cafe advanced help desk! So much for customer service!

However, I finally, myself, got the in touch with the local Greenville coder who created the program BRH runs on Shipmanager and he got the software to work.

At this  time we are only comparing prices when there is a large package or packages to ship.

In the past, the smaller packages always ship via USPS as it is cheaper.

2022 Lionel Christmas Car

The Lionel 2022 Christmas Car is new and in stock at the Easton warehouse
item number 434-228150. Limited availability!

MSRP is $69.99. BRH Price is $55.24!!!!

Click Here To Order

Beat the Atlas HO and N Scale Track Price Increase

Atlas has announced an average 8% price increase on track and
accessories effective in September. Take advantage of this small
window to beat the increase by ordering all in-stock Atlas track
products at the old prices. Simply place your order by
 September 1, 2022 to get the products you need at current pricing.

Click Here To Order

Atlas Rollingstock

Evans 53' Double Plug-Door Boxcar - Limited Run and In Stock

Click Here To Order





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