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Broadway Limited Imports
Manufacturer ID 187

May 2006

K7 Stock Car with Sound:

Broadway Limited Imports has extended the sound experience past motive power–into
rolling stock. The K7 Stock Cars with Sound combine a first rate, prototypical stock car with
the sounds of cattle, hogs and chicken. This is not just a sound bite that is continuously
looped over and over, but rather an ingenious collection of sounds that are generated as a
function of car speed and acceleration. The faster that car goes the more agitated the
inhabitants, cows, pigs or chicken become. Kind of like science fiction, based in reality and
certainly a ton of fun.

Experience has shown these cars to be a crowd favorite. Whether in a basement, garage, at
the club layout or on a loop of track in the living room, these cars bring a smile to the
people that see and hear them. They’re just plain fun!

Broadway Limited Imports has the cattle and hog cars in stock in several very desirable
roadnames. We are currently taking advanced orders for the chicken cars.

The AT&SF 2-10-2, 2-10-4 are shipping today!

There is only a small quantity of these highly desired models left. They’re beautifully
detailed and run smoothly. Click here to use the special order link to order.

SD40-2 In Stock & Ready For Duty

EMD’s SD40-2 is a 3,000 horsepower, six axle diesel locomotive built from 1972 through 1986. One of the most popular diesels of all time, EMD produced over 4,200 of these locomotives for the US, Canada and Mexico. The Union Pacific and Canadian National Railroads purchased large fleets of these workhorse locomotives and most are still in service today.

Broadway Limited Imports has these versatile locomotives in stock and ready for service on your pike. With the
Blue Ridge Hobbies® price starting only $116.99 for the Stealth version these locomotives will quickly become the reliable, hard working nucleus of your railroad.

Features of the BLI SD40-2

bullet 5-pole motor with skewed armature and dual flywheels delivering ultra-smooth operation
bullet Plastic body with heavy cast metal under frame delivering outstanding positive traction.
bullet All wheel drive
bullet All wheel electrical pick-up
bullet Kadee magnetic couplers
bullet Crisp clean paining and printing
bullet Constant directional lighting that dims in neutral
bullet Prototypically thin handrails
bullet Detailed cab interior
bullet Two painted crew figures
bullet Operates on 18” minimum radius
bullet Add-on handrails, coupler lift bars, front snowplow, sunshades, lift rings, MU hoses, brake-cylinder air lines, air horns, grab irons and more
bullet Over 15 road names available
bullet 2 versions available
bullet QSI equipped full sounds that operate on either DC or DCC
bullet Stealth version that is DCC ready

Broadway Limited has 15 paint schemes that are available right now
Click here to order

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